Home Leave

Home Leave by Brittani Sonnenberg

Chris Kriegstein is a man on the move, with a career that takes his family across North America, Europe, and Asia. For his wife, Elise, the hardship of chronic relocation is soothed by the allure of reinvention. Over the years, Elise shape-shifts: once a secretive Southern Baptist, she finds herself becoming a seasoned expat in Shanghai, an unapologetic adulterer in Thailand, and, finally, a renowned interior decorator in Madison with a knack for intuiting her clients’ own journeys. But it’s the Kriegstein children, Leah and Sophie, who face the most tumult.  Fiercely protective of each other–but also fiercely competitive–the two sisters long for stability, for normalcy in an ever-changing environment.

When the family suffers an unimaginable loss, they can’t help but wonder: Was it meant to be, or did one decision change their lives forever? And what does it mean when home is everywhere and nowhere at the same time? With humor and heart, Brittani Sonnenberg chases this wildly loveable family through the excitement and worry of their adventures around the world, and investigates the terrible and exquisite endurance of human attachment to people and place.