News & Events

January 4 : improv show– Harlequin (my all-gal improv group) performs an improvised romance novel at Coldtowne Theater.

February 9 : “At Ease,” a new one-woman show (!) featuring several new poems (!) to be performed at Austin’s Frontera Fringe Fest!

March 14 – April 4 : fiction workshop — “Slowing Up”: How a “Lazy and Happy” Approach to Fiction Can Revolutionize Your Writing. Thrilled to be teaching this 4-week class, drawing on insights from Barbara Ueland’s beautiful book, If You Want to Write, for Gemini Ink, a literary non-profit in San Antonio.

April 26-28: poetry workshop — “Slowing Up: How offering ourselves the luxury of languor can coax our poetry and inner lives to profoundly new places.” Yep, it’s a recurring theme, and one I deeply believe in. I’ll be presenting this workshop at the National Association for Poetry Therapy conference in Chaska, MN.

May 9: reading! — I can’t wait to join the award-winning San Antonio novelist Nan Cuba for a reading at The Twig Book Shop in San Antonio.