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“The Kamikaze Caves”:  My first stab at noir! The result is way closer to St. John of the Cross than Sam Spade. (Pub date: Dec. 4, 2018: Hong Kong Noir, the latest in Akashic Books’ series.) 

“Poirot 1” and “Poirot 2”: two poems celebrating my favorite detective, Hercule, forthcoming in North American Review.


“Things I’ve Learned with Chris Cowden” : Q and A with the brilliant and inspiring director of Women and Their Work, a local gallery celebrating its 40th year in Austin. (Austin Monthly, April)

Coyote Wedding” : a crazy poem about free samples and female desire that the brilliant Jane Glennie turned into a 2-minute movie! (Visible Poetry Project, April)

“Wrestling with the Austin Bombings in 13 Index Cards”: An index-card essay grappling with the aftermath of Austin’s bombing tragedy. (Austin Monthly, March)

“The Benefits of a Dating Detox” : In which I propose a Ferris Bueller approach to dating. (Austin Monthly, February)

“Tragedy and Transcendence” : A profile of Brittany Morrison, whose work for Hospice Austin subverts traditional notions of philanthropy. (Tribeza, February)

Eight Commandments” : my suggestions for improving Austin, were I suddenly to become its enlightened dictator. Dream of a writing prompt! Check out the other contributors’ hilarious (and thought-provoking) ideas. (Austin Monthly, January)

Decent in America” : A prose-poem essay (all the genres!) about a lost wallet, a truck stop rendezvous, and a pie. Plus a short-short essay on the loveliness of improv. Published by the new and very cool kid on the block, P98, edited by the brilliant R. Jay Magill, featuring other great contributors like Alex Ross and Jonathan Lethem. It’s pretty print journalism, y’all! (P98, Fall 2017)

Mourning is Magic” : I loved interviewing the brave and boundary-leaping artist Alyssa Taylor Wendt on her October installation at Austin’s Co-Lab Gallery. (Tribeza, October 2017)

Guided by Voices” : I’m crazy about podcasts and comedy, so it was a dream to profile Griffin McElroy, one of the three comedic geniuses behind advicecast and TV show My Brother, My Brother and Me (Tribeza, August 2017).

Humans of the Greenbelt” : I spend a LOT of time on Austin’s beautiful urban hiking trail, the Greenbelt. So I loved coming up with this satirical wildlife guide to all the species of Austinite I spot there for (Tribeza, 2017).









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