TCK Workshops



Third Culture Kid Workshops, led by Brittani Sonnenberg, employ literature and writing exercises to help students discover the inherent benefits and challenges of a TCK background, provide them with a sense of community and validation, and inspire new insights into their past. TCK Workshops show students that their international upbringing and unique overseas experiences are not only a vital part of their identities, but also powerful writing material. Sonnenberg also offers workshops and lectures on TCK identity for educators, administrators, and parents.

Praise for TCK Workshops from students and teachers:

Poetry Workshop:
“I really loved reading [the poem] “One Art.”  To me losing something is a very scary word, but in this poem the author made losing sound something like a step in life you’ll learn and you’ll know better in the future… I think writing and discussing is a great way to share how I feel because I never really get to talk about how sad it is when someone moves.”
—Kelly Chung, Grade 6, Singapore American School.

Professional Development Workshop:
“It was very interesting to hear [Sonnenberg’s] views, since [she is] a TCK.  I think it will give me more understanding not only of the kids in my classroom but also of my children.”
—Michelle Shepherd, teacher and TCK parent, International School of Estonia

Nonfiction Workshop:
“I liked reading “In the Transit Lounge” by Pico Iyer.  This piece of writing describes me… I learnt more about myself today.  I would recommend it to all TCKs.”
—Ritesh Talwar, TCK who has lived in India, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, New York, Malaysia, and Singapore.  Grade 11, Singapore American School.

Parent Talk and Senior Transition Workshop:
“I am still getting positive feedback from the Parent Coffee, the best attendance for one this year… ‘The Things They Carry’ was the workshop that many seniors wrote as being their favorite workshop for Senior Week.”
—Drew Alexander, Director, Anglo-American School of Moscow

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